Top 10 Trading Apps Indian

In today’s era of technology, trading in the stock market has become very easy. Earlier there was a time when trading in the stock market was done manually (through accounts), but with time, today many brokerage houses in India can do so through their mobile phones. Apps have been developed through which retail investors can easily buy and sell shares. Apart from this, many types of facilities are being provided on these mobile apps such as applying in IPO, investing in SIP, investing in gold etc. Here a question comes in the mind of a common man that which trading app is the best, or if we make a list then which trading app can be called number one or number two.

(1) Zerodha Kite Online Trading Mobile App

In the rush of trading app launches, Zerodha emerged as one of the frontrunners with its flagship app KITE amid fierce competition. To get the app, you just need to visit the Play Store and install the app on your mobile. Open an account by entering your email ID. The initial screen list shows the stocks suggested by the app. You can remove or add stocks as per your choice in the list.

(2) 5Paisa Online Trading App

Next is another major player in the Indian stock market and its 5Paisa app. 5Paisa Trading App is owned by 5Paisa Discount Brokers. It has lower fees than competitors, 10p/order executed.
This is one of those rare apps that offers the unique feature of guest login. I personally like this feature a lot. You can avoid giving all your personal details to check the app, end up receiving unwanted emails, calls and messages from the service provider.

(3) Upstox Pro App

Probably the second best leading player in the market has a very heavily feature-loaded app guided by the principle that more features will get more users.
The benefits of the Upstox Pro app which is very similar to the Zerodha Kite app include:
Universal search tool that enables users to find simple and complex stocks
A big advantage here is that charts of many intervals and many types and drawing styles are available.
Ability to apply over 100 technical indicators on real-time charts
Taking advantage of the Trade from Chart (TFC) feature, a user who trades directly from the chart

(4) Angel Broking Online Trading App

The most experienced promoter with over 30+ years of experience and presence, one of the first to enter the Indian market.
It provides a wide range of services to the users ranging from insurance, mutual funds, brokerage and almost all financial instruments to Indian investors.
Brokerage charges are relatively high considering the cash-strapped Indian market.

(5) Edelweiss Online Trading App

One of the highly rated apps, the installation and features are easy to use from one of Stock’s most reputable advice.
It has brokerage plans that support both categories of investors and traders.
It has a strong online and offline presence with over 4300 sub-brokers spread across the country.
It has an app that is compatible with all platforms of mobile devices.

(6) Stoxkart Online Trading App

They identify themselves as a not-for-profit brokerage. However, Stockcart has not yet ranked itself among the top players.
Beyond brokerage plans and charges, the customer is looking for value in the app.
It comes with two mobile trading apps known as Stoxkart Classic and Stoxkart Pro.

(7) Aastha Trade Wave Trading App

Astharead Wave mobile app currently supports trading in Equity and F&O. They are also planning to come up with commodity and currency trading options.
MarketWatch enables the user to create personalized MarketWatch lists. You can add/delete new scripts.
Screeners help find new hot stocks like volume shockers, gainers/losers of the day, 52-week high/low breakers, most archived stocks, etc.

(8) Fires App

Fyers has come up with a trading app named fyers one. You can trade in equities, commodities, currencies and derivatives. Using advanced technology to offer a trading platform independent of location.

(9) ANT Mobi – Alice Blue Mobile Trading App

ANT Mobi is a state-of-the-art mobile trading app from Alice Blue.
The app includes features like,
Real-time market data
Market and investment analysis with easy-to-follow tools
Easy and simplified order placement involving just a few taps
Evaluate portfolio and useful news feed
ANT Mobi provides an extremely stable, secure and fast mobile trading platform
Features of ANT Mobi include:
Enable in-depth market analysis, stocks and other trading tools
The orders that can be executed from the app are regular buy and sell, cover orders and after market orders
Enables the user to view order history, trades and status reports.
Enables viewing of demat holdings and accounts within the app
Fund transfers to and from multiple banks within the app
Notification options available including real-time price alerts
User able to set unlimited number of price alerts for instant updates.

(10) Samco Stock Note App

Stock Note is SAMCO’s flagship online trading and investing app powered by the Giga Trading Engine.
Stock Note is a trading app that offers built-in news and stock analysis.
Facilities like easy buying and selling of stocks and F&O contracts in equity, commodity and currency markets are available to a trader.
User can set price alerts which allows you to set alerts when the stock reaches a particular price.
Users can take action or initiate trading based on these alerts. Additionally, investors can set alerts based on price, volume or change. Alert time can be set from 1 day to 6 months.

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